Transportation of heavy loads

Transportation of construction machinery, heavy transport oversized, long-length transport

Due to our special profile transportation of heavy load cargo, we quite often carry loads of 40 to 90 tons in size throughout Ukraine and Western Europe. We haul agricultural, road and construction machinery, in particular, from Germany. We have a fleet of specialized road-trains for shipments of that type, specifications and design of which ensure safe transportation of heavy load cargo. Great experience and extensive partnerships allow us to offer the optimum shipping cost without forced downtime and transshipment.

Thanks to the well-chosen vehicles and the availability of long-term oversize permits, we will promptly provide oversize transportations from Germany and the whole Western Europe to Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and other countries. We quickly respond to changes in the regulations of Germany, as well as of the EU countries.

A favorable geographical location of our company allows us to quickly serve the truck for loading and carry out transportation of heavy load cargo within the shortest possible time. Moreover, we can offer an option if you need to store your equipment – unloading machinery, as well as a guarded site near Lublin are available.

Please contact us; we will help you solve the problem with delivery of your oversized cargo!


Перевозки из Германии

Transportation from Germany

Since the field of transportation of oversized farm machinery from Germany is currently the most promising and profitable, we decided to optimize it.

Перевозка сельскохозяйственной техники

Transportation of farm machinery

By virtue of the traditional agrarian orientation of Ukraine, one of the most popular transport services is the transportation of farm machinery.