Transportation from Germany, farming equipment transport

Transportation from Germany

Farming equipment transport, agricultural machinery transport

Since the field of transportation of oversized farm machinery from Germany is currently the most promising and profitable, we decided to optimize it. We faced a challenge on choosing appropriate vehicles for the rapid, reliable and competitively priced delivery of such goods. Fortune smiled upon us thanks to extensive experience in transportation of heavy load and oversized cargo.

Well-chosen transport, long-term oversized permits and good logistics allow us to handle transportations of oversized cargo from Germany to Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries within the shortest possible time.

It is very important that we ship oversized cargo from Germany to any country in Europe; it allows us to deliver the goods to their destination quickly and reliably (without the risk of overloading by the crane trucks), while having to deal with a single carrier.

Our expertise, extensive partnerships and investments in new low loaders allow us to promptly handle oversized transportation of farm machinery from Germany. Please contact us and we will quickly do the calculations of your shipments cost.

Best regards, KA-TRANS team.

Перевозка тяжеловесных грузов

Heavy Hauling

We transport heavy goods (40 to 90 tons) regularly from Western Europe to Ukraine.

Перевозка сельскохозяйственной техники

Transportation of farm machinery

By virtue of the traditional agrarian orientation of Ukraine, one of the most popular transport services is the transportation of farm machinery.