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Oversized transportations

Перевозка сельскохозяйственной техники

Transportation of farm machinery

By virtue of the traditional agrarian orientation of Ukraine, one of the most popular transport services is the transportation of farm machinery.

Перевозки из Германии

Transportation from Germany

Since the field of transportation of oversized farm machinery from Germany is currently the most promising and profitable, we decided to optimize it.

Перевозка тяжеловесных грузов

Перевозка тяжеловесных грузов

Довольно часто мы перевозим грузы весом от 40 до 90 тонн как по территории Украины, так и Западной Европы, в частности Италии.

About us

“KA-Trans” Company was established to unite working capacities of several Ukrainian and Polish transport companies. Our advantages: competitive price, European permits, unloading machinery and guarded site near Lublin.

We started with the freight transportation by covered trucks, as well as the transportation of loose goods. Our activity was expanded in 1991; the car fleet was added with container trucks. Transportation of containers from seaports was carried out. The first three-axle tractor and the low-bed trailer were purchased in England in 1992, which initiated the beginning of oversized transportation. Since 1993 the fleet has been gradually growing along with the valuable experience in organizing such complex transportations. Currently, we own 40 vehicles and heavy haul low-bed trailers. We carry freights up to 100 tons, and it’s not the limit. We have TIR Carnet books; the European cargo insurance per EUR 1,000,000, while in individual cases this amount can be increased up to EUR 25,000.000. We can also suggest our own escort vehicles with permits to escort goods throughout Europe. A full package of long-term special permits in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, etc. is available.

All our vehicles are monitored via GPRS satellite. What is more, we offer oversized transportation of agricultural machinery from Germany to our clients. We carry out oversized transportation of heavy load cargo from Europe to Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will happily solve the problem with your cargo!

We are engaged in organization of transportation of oversized cargo on the territory of Ukraine, Europe, CIS countries

operatively, professionally, responsibly

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